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Workshops - Monday, October 8

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Charlotte. Handouts are available here.

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Effective Management of Your Largest Expense – Employee Compensation
William Ford, SESCO Management Consultants Bristol, TN
This presentation will help owners and managers understand the importance of managing employee compensation – their single largest cost. The audience will learn how to budget and plan for annual compensation as part of total revenue; to tie compensation to performance, thereby rewarding effective behavior; and to ensure fairness and equity in compensation. The audience will learn the basic functions of an effective compensation system, along with the steps to develop their own system. (1 CE hour)

Technology for Beginners
Walker Posey, Posey Funeral Directors North Augusta, SC
Tired of hearing your kids tell you how an iPad will change your life? Wonder what could be better than your flip phone? This program focuses on ways to use technology to improve the speed and efficiency of business. Come and see how simple, daily uses of technology can be applied today in your funeral home to improve business. (1 CE hour)

The 3 Ps of Cremation: Policies, Procedures, Performance
Michael Nicodemus, Hollomon-Brown Funeral Homes and Crematory, Virginia Beach, VA
Nicodemus will share his expertise as a funeral director, crematory operator and expert witness. From the arrangement conference to the crematory to the courtroom, Nicodemus will show attendees how they need to raise their level of awareness when it comes to all aspects of dealing with cremation so they don't end up in a court of law. (1 CE hour)

The One Experience We Hardly Ever Manage
Paul Seyler, Competitive Resources Inc. New Orleans, LA
Everywhere we turn, we're being told to create a better customer experience. But the one experience most critical to our bottom line is the one experience we manage the least – the arrangement conference. It's like a mysterious black box in which the finite supply of grieving families is magically transformed into disappointing business results, while we wait helplessly outside. What if Disney World or Nordstrom's designed the ultimate arrangement conference, a customer experience designed to consistently deliver a powerful message and produce a powerful result? How would it differ from what we're doing today? This presentation is designed for funeral professionals who want to explore ways to transform the arrangement conference into that powerful, managed experience. (1 CE hour)

7:30 – 9:45 a.m.

Educating Funeral Professionals and Families About the Important Role of Meaningful Funerals
Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Loss and Life Transition Fort Collins, CO
Jason Burlage, Batesville Interactive, Batesville Casket Co., Batesville, IN
Based on his Hierarchy of the Purpose of Funerals, Dr. Wolfelt will explain the important role of a meaningful funeral for a grieving family, explore the key elements of a meaningful funeral and discuss the specific purpose served by each in helping family members meet their various mourning needs. Troy Brake will then share the latest research on consumers' expanding use of the Internet to find information about planning funerals and finding funeral providers. Brake will also explore strategies to ensure that your funeral service is well positioned to meet those emerging online needs. (2 CE hours)

8:45 – 9:45 a.m.

Handling Claims, Litigation and Regulatory Investigations
Chris Farmer, Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, P.C. Houston, TX
Hear this expert cremation consultant's tips for preventing litigation, preparing for litigation should it be threatened and what to do if you are sued. Find out how to implement strategies to maximize resolution opportunities while still protecting your firm. You'll also learn how to prepare your firm (and your files) to handle claims and to best prepare for the defense in a claim against you. (1 CE hour)

How to Talk to Families About Green Funeral and Burial Options
James Olson, Lippert-Olson Funeral Home Sheboygan, WI
Olson, a first-generation funeral director, is one of the profession's foremost experts and speakers in the area of green and natural services and burials. He owns and operates Lippert-Olson Funeral Home and has traveled around the world over the past five years both learning about and teaching natural funeral and burial practices to funeral directors and cemeterians. He will share his experiences and expertise, make recommendations on how to serve families seeking these kinds of services and discuss "green" vs. "natural." He will also address profitability and how green funerals can help lower your cremation rate. (1 CE hour)

Ten Keys to Successful Cemetery Operations
William Stovall, Stovall Insight + Solutions Charleston, SC
Learn how to maximize cremation opportunities with efficient use of manpower and one-of-a-kind events that increase visitor traffic in your cemetery. Find out how to use ancillary sales to increase your profit margin. If you own or are thinking of purchasing a cemetery, this program is for you. (1 CE hour)

Understanding and Benefiting From the Department of Labor's New 408(b)(2) Rule and Fiduciary Responsibilities
Harold Grubbs, Financial Management Inc. Little Rock, AR
This presentation provides an overview of the Department of Labor's (DOL) new rule regarding fiduciary responsibility of cost disclosure for retirement plans. The presentation will also address the broader areas of fiduciary responsibility and how to determine what those responsibilities are. An overview of best practices for creating a fiduciary standard of excellence will be presented to comply with the new DOL rule and to assess fiduciary responsibility and liability. Anyone who is a retirement plan sponsor, organization trustee or board member will benefit from this presentation. (1 CE hour)