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Workshops - Sunday, October 7

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Charlotte. Handouts are available here.

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Controlling the Cost of Success: At-need Arrangements With Preneed Families
Paul Seyler, Competitive Resources Inc. New Orleans, LA
If you've been successful selling preneed for a few years, a serious shift is coming to your arrangement office. As the percentage of preneed fulfillment starts to climb, it's time to rethink the way you handle atneed arrangements. This presentation lays out a new approach to at-need arrangements when the basics have already been prearranged. Specifics include better ways to begin the conversation and alternatives to traditional at-need packages. (1 CE hour)

Issues and Challenges in Repatriation of Human Remains
Gary Lupinacci, TSA, Coral Springs, FL
Gene Maddox, American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX
Melissa Johnson Williams, American Society of Embalmers, Forest Park, IL
Christian Montes de Oca, Memorial International, Quito, Ecuador
A panel of experts from around the world, including funeral directors, shippers and representatives from the Transportation Security Administration and United States Postal Service, will examine the issues and growing concerns with heightened security, fewer flights and ever-changing state and country regulations. Examples of ways to resolve issues and the resources that are available to get the job done will be shared. This will be an interactive session with audience participation. Come with your questions printed on paper that will be given to the facilitator and asked of the panel. (1 CE hour)

OSHA Regulatory Compliance
Richard Best, Stericycle Inc., Williamsville, NY
Learn how to ensure that your funeral home is in compliance with OSHA regulations. This seminar will present an overview of requirements for the Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication and Formaldehyde standards. Questions relating to these and other OSHA standards will be answered. (1 CE hour)

Successfully Converting a Direct Cremation to a Personalized Cremation Service
Becca Temrowski, Temrowski Family Funeral and Cremation Services, Fenton, MI
Don Brown, Don Brown Funeral Home, Lynn, NC
Karl Weisenbeck, Funeral Home Gifts, Lynn, NC

Frederick Kitchen, Henson Mortuary, Huntington, WV
This panel discussion will focus on unique opportunities to add value for cremation families through personalization. The family and the funeral home can both benefit from a personalized memorial service instead of a direct cremation. Examples of valuable personalized cremation services will be shared by funeral director panel members. (1 CE hour)

12:45 – 2:45 p.m.

Profession or Trade: You Make the Call. Let's Get Real
Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor, New England Institute at Mt. Ida College, Newton Centre, MA
Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor took a long, hard look at the evolution of the funeral director as she researched an answer to the question, "Are funeral directors at risk of becoming irrelevant? The conversation about whether funeral directing is a true profession or a trade has been discussed for decades. It's time to examine the issue in-depth and determine how to ensure a bright future for your profession. This presentation offers a feast for thought! (2 CE hours)

Making Cremation Profitable
William McQueen, Graystone Associates Marlboro, MA
Cremation requests are on the rise for families throughout North America, and research shows a growing segment will elect to have no funeral. Successful funeral homes need to understand the cremation consumer and integrate processes to ensure they can achieve their profit goals based on cremation clients. In this session, you will learn that all cremation customers are not identical, how to handle the "I don't want a funeral" customer and the importance of capturing all segments of the cremation marketplace, including the self-help individuals. Find out why words really matter and ways to add value and profitability to the "no funeral" customer. (2 CE hours)

She Commerce: How Women Shop and What Motivates Them to Buy
Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer, Kizer & Bender Speaking! St. Charles, IL
Many businesses say they cater to women, but it's usually more lip service than actual customer care. Women account for more than 80 percent of consumer spending, or about $5 trillion annually. But the things that make a male customer happy can be kryptonite to women. This is not your ordinary seminar on what you can do to cater to female customers. We'll share up-to-the-minute strategies you can use immediately to make your funeral home more consumer friendly to those customers who account for more than 80 percent of consumer spending. (2 CE hours)

The Challenges of Funeral Service in Alaska
Scott Janssen and Douglas Mckown, Janssen Funeral Homes, Anchorage, AK
Take an interesting look at funeral service in Alaska, the largest and most remote state in the United States. Hear about the special circumstances that face funeral directors in this isolated state, including transporting human remains, logistics and serving the remote Alaskan native population. The presentation will end with an exciting talk by Scott Janssen, the "Mushing Mortician," and his story of a man and his dogs finishing the "last great race" – and how his experience relates to his business, the largest funeral home in Alaska. (2 CE hours)

3 – 4 p.m.

Distracted Driving: Your Firm and Your Community
Mike Russell, Federated Insurance, Owatonna, MN
Distracted driving has emerged over the past 10 years as perhaps the top road safety concern in the United States. The evolution of vehicle technology and smartphones with the ability to text and surf has changed how we operate our motor vehicles. While most attention has been focused on individuals, businesses are not exempt from the impact distracted driving has on their bottom line. Concerns over new laws and related civil and even criminal liability issues are prompting many to look for solutions. Participants will learn how to protect their firm, as well as inform their communities through NFDA and Federated Insurance public service materials. (1 CE hour)

3 – 5 p.m.

Don't Settle for Satisfied! Build Customer Loyalty
Debra Schmidt, The Loyalty Leader, Milwaukee, WI
Are you concerned about losing customers? Has your business slowed down during these tough economic times? Do you need service strategies to help you build your business and keep it more secure? Your current and past customers are your best resource for growing your business and building a foundation for success. Learn how to set your organization apart from the competition through exceptional customer service. Hear how to build customer loyalty through a combination of powerful facts, entertaining stories and interactive exercises. Identify the expectations of your customers and how you can create a customer-focused survival strategy for your firm. (2 CE hours)

Embalming Best Practices for Tissue Recovery Cases
Frank Walton, Tidewater Community College Virginia Beach, VA
Organ procurement agencies and funeral directors agree that tissue recovery improves the lives of countless individuals annually. Recovery procedures, however, can present time constraints and multiple challenges for even the most proficient embalmer. This workshop will discuss best practices of embalming and restoring donor cases in which vertebral bodies, full-thickness skin, long bones and structures of the eye have been recovered. (2 CE hours)

Size Matters: Why Growing Your Business is Key to Your Future, and How Small Firms Can Make It Happen
Douglas Gober, Live Oak Bank, Kenner, LA
Every indicator points to a time of tremendous opportunity in the next few years. Demographically, economically and experientially, there are huge opportunities to grow your business – and challenges that go with them. The ugly reality for many of us is that size matters, and larger, better capitalized businesses have a much better track record for taking advantage of opportunities. But it doesn't have to be that way. In reality, smaller businesses can seize that advantage as well. They're more nimble and can embrace growth strategies just like the big guys – if they're willing to invest in their futures. This presentation looks at three distinct growth opportunities that exist, along with the financial and operational strategies firms need to level the playing field with the big guys. (2 CE hours)