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Workshops - Wednesday, October 10

SAVE TIME! Print your workshop handouts before you come to Charlotte. Handouts are available here.

8 – 9 a.m.

Creating Effective Relationships With Hospice Organizations and Other End-of-life Care Providers
Kim Medici Shelquist, Homesteaders Life Company West Des Moines, IA
While hospices and other end-of-life care organizations are closely linked to funeral service, there are often divides created by a lack of understanding and communication. This workshop will help funeral service professionals better understand hospice and palliative care and provide tips for creating relationships that are mutually beneficial. (1 CE hour)

Embalming Risk Management
Jzyk Ennis, Carr Funeral Home, Guntersville, AL
Scott Gilligan, Gilligan Law Offices, Cincinnati, OH
Like surgery, embalming may not always produce desired results. And just like doctors and hospitals, embalmers and funeral homes are sued for malpractice by aggrieved consumers. What are the risks of embalming malpractice and how can you minimize them? Join these experts to examine the malpractice risks you face, discuss how a malpractice lawsuit is conducted and learn about the commonsense steps and legal forms that can reduce your liability exposure.(1 CE hour)

Idea Exchange Power Hour: Ignite Innovation in 60 minutes
Lynn E. Ochiltree, CFSP, Ochiltree Funeral Service Winterset, IA
To ensure that your firm is the funeral home of first choice, you must exceed the expectations of every family you serve and be actively involved in your community. You will walk away from this highly interactive workshop with ready-to-use, innovative ideas to meet the evolving needs of those you serve and heighten your firm's profile in the community. Come prepared to share the programs and services you have implemented at your firm that have had a powerful impact. (1 CE hour)

Redefining Service in a Technology-driven World
Walker Posey, Posey Funeral Directors North Augusta, SC
Mel Pennington IV, Brown-Pennington-Atkins Funeral Home, Hartsville, SC
What does it mean to give good service? How can we exceed client family expectations? This high-energy presentation, presented by two licensed and practicing directors who are changing the game in their markets, will define what it means to "give good service" and the innovative and effective ways to exceed client family expectations. Posey and Pennington will discuss what funeral service can learn from other industries to refresh service expectations and how funeral directors can think outside the box to improve on the service they've been providing for the last 100 years. (1 CE hour)